Laurence Demeulenaere

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Benzbromarone, uniformly labelled with tritium by the Wilzbach procedure, was administered orally to 10 patients. No tritium exchange occurred. — After 100 mg orally (0.236 mmoles) blood radioactivity rose to a maximum (1–1.5 µg/ml; 2.4–3.5 µM) in about 6 h followed by a small decline and a long plateau extending from the 12th to the 48th hour, after which(More)
A long-term follow-up of 45 patients with chronic hepatitis and 41 with cirrhosis is reported. Hepatitis-B antigen (HBAg) was present in 19 (42%) of the chronic hepatitis patients and in 20 (49%) of those with cirrhosis. The clinical course and biochemical and histological findings in the HBAg-positive and the HBAg-negative cases were similar, suggesting(More)
We develop a methodology to compute transport costs accurately. Based on the real transport network, our measure encompasses the characteristics of the infrastructure, vehicle and energy used, as well as labor, insurance, tax and general charges borne by transport carriers. Computed for the 341 French employment areas, road transport shipments and the(More)