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We report the results of a search for neutrinoless double-beta decay in a 9.8 kg yr exposure of (130)Te using a bolometric detector array, CUORE-0. The characteristic detector energy resolution and background level in the region of interest are 5.1±0.3  keV FWHM and 0.058±0.004(stat)±0.002(syst)counts/(keV kg yr), respectively. The median 90% C.L.(More)
Interactive technologies like multi-touch tables enable museum exhibit designers to support visitors' learning with a wide range of resources (from multimedia to dynamic feedback to the presence of other visitors). Designers must decide, though, how best to align the affordances of these resources with the learning activities they are trying to support(More)
This paper presents Connected Spaces (C-S) -- a tool designed to promote collaboration in makerspaces. It also describes a pilot study designed to test C-S's effectiveness in enabling people to seek help from peers. In our pilot, some (but not all) students were able to leverage C-S's affordances. We explore both supporting and mitigating factors, and(More)
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