Lauren Wetter

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The authors treated 17 patients with achalasia by a thoracoscopic (15 patients) or laparoscopic (2 patients) Heller myotomy. All patients had dysphagia and an upper gastrointestinal series demonstrating a dilated esophagus with a bird-beak deformity at the cardia. Manometry showed a mean lower esophageal sphincter (LES) pressure of 32 +/- 4 mmHg, incomplete(More)
Although it is recognized that some other lesion may be the cause, a presumptive diagnosis of Klatskin tumor is usually made when a focal stenotic lesion of the common hepatic duct is seen on a cholangiogram of a jaundiced patient. Biopsy is so often nondiagnostic that decisions about therapy are usually made on the basis of the imaging tests and lack of(More)
The role of zinc in an occlusive, adhesive dressing (Zn-tape) was investigated in two experiments in the rat. In the first one Zn-tape was compared with a similar tape without zinc components and also with an inert plastic coated fabric with regard to the wound inflammatory reaction in excisional wounds. In the second experiment we attempted to assess(More)
Six hundred and fifty patients undergoing appendicectomy were included in a prospective randomized controlled trial. At operation patients were allocated to control (chromic catgut ligatures and muscle closure, nylon skin closure) or study (polyglycolic acid ligatures and muscle and skin closure) groups. Wounds were examined by an independent observer daily(More)
1. The hypothesis that the availability of zinc in a food is limited by factors in the food was tested against the hypothesis that Zn absorption is homeostatically regulated by the body according to its need for Zn. 2. The experimental model used was the short-term administration to rats of a parenteral nutrition solution with no added Zn in an attempt to(More)
The hypothesis that factors such as dietary fibre and phytate in wheat bran limit the availability of Zn was tested in growing rats fed on low-Zn diets with different wheat crispbreads as the major source of Zn. Six groups of six weanling male rats each were fed on 5 parts semi-synthetic Zn-deficient diet and 1 part wheat-endosperm crispbread for 1 week. At(More)
Surgical treatment of incompetent perforating veins of the lower leg performed openly carries considerable morbidity associated with wound healing. Newer minimally invasive techniques offer an effective treatment alternative that avoids the lengthy incisions of the classical subfascial ligation techniques. The authors report a simple and quick two-port(More)
This paper reviews the reported experience of operative choledochoscopy. Development of choledochoscopes to the currently available rigid and flexible instruments is described. The collected results of both rigid and flexible choledochoscopy are reported. Retained stones occurred in 97 of 2712 stone-positive explorations with the rigid choledochoscope (3.6(More)