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Alternatively activated macrophages (AAM) that accumulate during chronic T helper 2 inflammatory conditions may arise through proliferation of resident macrophages or recruitment of monocyte-derived cells. Liver granulomas that form around eggs of the helminth parasite Schistosoma mansoni require AAM to limit tissue damage. Here, we characterized monocyte(More)
Four new species of opiine Braconidae are described from Mexico. These are Diachasmimorpha martinalujai Wharton reared from Rhagoletis infesting fruits of Crataegus spp., Diachasmimorpha norrbomi Wharton reared from Euphranta mexicana infesting fruits of Ribes pringlei, Eurytenes (Stigmatopoea) norrbomi Wharton reared from Trypeta concolor mining leaves of(More)
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