Lauren Vale

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Vale, L. M. and Dias, J. M., 2011. The effect of tidal regime and river flow on the hydrodynamics and salinity structure of the Lima Estuary: Use of a numerical model to assist on estuary classification, SI 64 (Proceedings of the 11th International Coastal Symposium), 1604 – 1608. Szczecin, Poland, ISSN 0749-0208 The purpose of this work is to characterize(More)
When you look at your beauty and I look at mine, do we have the same feeling? Kant (1764) and Santayana (1896) say that the experience of beauty is pleasure, with qualifications. So we measure pleasure. Observers use Google Images to find an image that is beautiful to them. The observer is asked to look at that image and rate pleasure by continually(More)
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