Lauren Tomlinson

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This study compares cognitive function in new referrals with epilepsy well-controlled on single drug therapy with either phenytoin or carbamazepine with that in an untreated control group. Patients receiving phenytoin performed consistently less well on memory tasks than did those untreated or receiving carbamazepine. Although patients on phenytoin overall(More)
PURPOSE T-condylar fractures of the distal humerus are infrequent injuries in children. There are little data regarding outcomes in this age group. The adult literature demonstrates a high rate of postinjury stiffness. We describe a large series of T-condylar fractures in children and set out to identify factors that influence the postoperative range of(More)
In this study there was no qualitative difference in the performance of a heterogeneous group of epileptic patients and normal subjects on a recognition task for visually presented verbal material. There was, however, a significant overall difference in the number of words recognised. After a statistical correction for V.I.Q. was made this difference(More)
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