Lauren Tewson

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Knowledge of the foraging ecology of fishes is fundamental both to understanding the processes that function at the individual, population and community levels, and for the management and conservation of their populations and habitats. Furthermore, the factors that influence the acquisition and assimilation of food can have significant consequences for the(More)
We investigated developmental differences in oculomotor control between 10-year-old children and adults using a central interference task. In this task, the colour of a fixation point instructed participants to saccade either to the left or to the right. These saccade directions were either congruent or incongruent with two types of distractor cue: either(More)
This study investigated diel variations in zooplankton composition and abundance, and the species composition, density, size structure, feeding activity, diet composition and prey selection of larval and 0+ year juvenile fishes in the littoral of a man-made floodplain waterbody over five 24 h periods within a 57 day period. There was a significant(More)
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