Lauren Stack

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We have proposed that endogenous opioids play a critical role in the etiology of anorexia nervosa, mediating an auto-addiction, and that atypical opioid systems in mice may be representative of those in anorexia nervosa patients, in contrast to normal humans and rats. A biological predisposition to eating disorders may result from these atypical opioid(More)
We have proposed that the atypical opioid system in the mouse may be representative of that in the anorexia nervosa patient and may account for a biological predisposition to the disorder. This is in the context of our auto-addiction model of anorexia nervosa in which endogenous opioids play a critical role in its etiology. Morphine activation of the(More)
The authors compared the type and number of life events experienced by 19 mentally retarded patients and 19 nonretarded control subjects in the month before their admission to the same unit of a state mental hospital. The retarded patients had exhibited fewer changes in eating and other personal habits. On admission they presented fewer signs of(More)
Two studies summarize the development and initial validation of the Multicultural Personality Inventory (MPI). In Study 1, the 115-item prototype MPI was administered to 415 university students where exploratory factor analysis resulted in a 70-item, 7-factor model. In Study 2, the 70-item MPI and theoretically related companion instruments were(More)
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