Lauren Spielman

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Using a cDNA microarray representing 6794 distinct human genes, we identified candidate genes whose expression is altered in cerebral cortex of cases of early Alzheimer's disease (AD); among these was the synaptic vesicle protein synapsin II, which plays an important role in neurotransmitter release. While other candidate genes are presently under(More)
Prior studies have shown that cyclooxygenase (COX)-2, an enzyme involved in inflammatory mechanisms as well as neuronal activities, is up-regulated in the Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain and may represent a therapeutic target for anti-inflammatory treatments. We report the effect of neuronal overexpression of human (h)COX-2 in a murine model of AD(More)
We report that overexpression of human (h) cyclooxygenase-2 h(COX-2) in the brain of a transgenic mouse line leads to selective induction of endogenous complement component C1qB expression in neurons. No detectable induction of the C3 and C4 complement components in the brain was found. Chronic treatment of mice with the selective COX-2 inhibitor nimesulide(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the clinical profiles of individuals with dementia who do and do not report a history of TBI. INTRODUCTION Some evidence suggests that a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is associated with an increased risk of dementia later in life. The clinical features of dementia associated with TBI have not been well investigated.(More)
Results of three needs assessment studies which had the purpose of providing direction for school nursing practices which would address some of the unmet health needs of today's children and adolescents are reported. Results provide specific examples of how school nurses have not been meeting school health needs through an analysis of one specific need --(More)
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