Lauren Small

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Little is currently known concerning the cellular substrates for, and the mechanisms mediating the pathological deposition of, redox-active brain iron in Parkinson's disease. In various subcortical brain regions, populations of astroglia progressively accumulate peroxidase-positive cytoplasmic inclusions derived from effete, iron-laden mitochondria. In the(More)
The mating reaction of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii entails a rapid series of cell-cell interactions leading to cell fusion. We have demonstrated (Pasquale, S. M., and U. Goodenough. 1987. J. Cell Biol. 105:2279-2293) that cAMP plays a key role in this process: gametic flagellar adhesion elicits a sharp increase in intracellular cAMP, and presentation of(More)
We have compared the ED50 value for antiarrhythmic activity and the acute toxicities in mice of quinidine and 4 recently synthesized analogs. For the ED50 studies, groups of mice were treated intravenously with equally spaced logarithmic doses of 6'-methoxycinchonine (quinidine), 6'-hydroxycinchonine (cupreidine), 6'-isovaleryloxycinchonine,(More)
Adhesion between Chlamydomonas reinhardtii gametes generates a rapid rise in cAMP levels which stimulates mating responses and zygotic cell fusion (Pasquale and Goodenough, 1987). We show here that sexual adhesion in vivo results in a twofold stimulation of flagellar adenylyl cyclase activity when the enzyme is subsequently assayed in vitro, a stimulation(More)
BACKGROUND Astrocytes within the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus contain Gomori-positive inclusions that exhibit a nonenzymatic peroxidase activity. The source and composition of these Gomori-positive inclusions are currently unknown. Recent evidence, derived from cultured astrocytes, suggests that Gomori-positive inclusions may consist of autophagocytized(More)
SUMO is a small post-translational modifier, that is attached to lysine residues in target proteins. It acts by altering protein-protein interactions, protein localisation and protein activity. SUMO chains can also act as substrates for ubiquitination, resulting in proteasome-mediated degradation of the target protein. SUMO is removed from target proteins(More)
Astrocytes in subcortical regions of the mammalian brain progressively accumulate iron-rich, autofluorecent cytoplasmic inclusions as a function of aging. Cysteamine (CSH) accelerates the appearance of this senescent glial phenotype in situ and in primary rat astroglial cultures. Porphyrins have been implicated as the source of orange-red autofluorescence(More)
Cyanoketone pretreatment protected female rats against digitoxin-induced mortality. Cyanoketone also acts as an inducer of hepatic mixed function oxidases, increasing cytochrome P-450 content and enhancing aniline hydroxylase and aminopyrine demethylase activities. The protective effect of cyanoketone against digitoxin toxicity may be due to the enhanced(More)
Cupreidine 96'-hydroxycinchonine) is a recently synthesized analog of quinidine (6'-methoxycinchonine). Previous studies in mice have shown that quinidine and cupreidine have equivalent antiarrhythmic potencies, whereas the acute toxicity of cupreidine is about 50% less than that of quinidine. Many of the serious adverse effects of quinidine are due to(More)