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Nine experiments examined the formation of an abstract category representation for the spatial relation between by 6- to 10-month-old infants. The experiments determined that 9- to 10-month-olds, but not 6- to 7-month-olds, could form an abstract category representation for between when performing in an object-variation version of the between categorization(More)
We examined multiple ecological factors (individual, family, peer, school, and community) associated with female adolescent former smokers (FS), current smokers (CS), and never smokers (NS) in a sample of 2029 seventh to twelfth grade girls living in a rural area of Virginia. We were particularly interesting in examining variables related to FS. Compared to(More)
The present researchers used a multi-wave Delphi methodology to determine what 14 knowledgeable substance abuse professionals believe are the most appropriate smoking prevention practices for female adolescents. While there was some agreement with the emerging literature, particularly on weight control issues and parental involvement, there was also(More)
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