Lauren R. Engel

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With regard to hearing perception, it remains unclear as to whether, or the extent to which, different conceptual categories of real-world sounds and related categorical knowledge are differentially represented in the brain. Semantic knowledge representations are reported to include the major divisions of living versus non-living things, plus more specific(More)
In contrast to visual object processing, relatively little is known about how the human brain processes everyday real-world sounds, transforming highly complex acoustic signals into representations of meaningful events or auditory objects. We recently reported a fourfold cortical dissociation for representing action (nonvocalization) sounds correctly(More)
The purpose of this project was to investigate the psychological and physical effects of training of body awareness and slow stretching on persons with chronic toxic encephalopathy (CTE). In the present study, a method of self-regulation, a body-mind training, is presented. The body-mind training used was a guided relaxation technique combined with(More)
Female lacrosse has grown 219% in the last decade. This descriptive study explored the epidemiology of elite female high school lacrosse injuries and compared them with those in the collegiate player. Five hundred surveys were completed at tournaments in the northeast United States. Over 60% played other sports; 50% experienced a new injury while playing(More)
Healthy habits are best learned at a young age. To prevent our kids from becoming statistics--one of the one in three adults expected to have diabetes by 2050--promoting health and helping children adopt and sustain healthy habits is something that should be on every school's list of priorities. By utilizing the SBCR to find credible tools and programs for(More)
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