Lauren Pereira

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This study described the long-term adjustment of 42 ovarian cancer survivors diagnosed with advanced-stage disease with no evidence of recurrence, a mean of 6.1 years postdiagnosis. 64% of survivors' mental health was at or above the norm of medical outpatients (Mental Health Inventory-17). No patients reported post-traumatic stress disorder at a(More)
Malignant ovarian neoplasms represent the leading cause of death in gynecological malignancies. Although the majority of ovarian neoplasms occur in women of advanced years, ovarian neoplasms can occur in women of the reproductive age group. Preservation of fertility balanced with treatment of disease is the goal of young patients diagnosed with ovarian(More)
In this phonetic study, productions of the consonant in the stressed syllable position of the word arara as produced by 13 subjects with short and/or anterior lingual frenulum were compared before and after lingual frenectomy. The results from the measurement of the stressed consonant duration and from the identification of the consonant manners of(More)
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