Lauren Miller

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—We address the problem of efficient detection of destination-related motion trends in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) where tracking is done in collaborative manner among the sensor nodes participating in location detection. In addition to determining a single location, applications may need to detect whether certain properties are true for the (portion of(More)
Despite a meaningful common core of symptoms observed across the life span, there are particularly unique features of early-onset (prepubertal) obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that make consideration of early presentation different from adolescent or adult onset and that may have important implications for treatment. This article will first review the(More)
— In surgical tumor removal, inaccurate localization can lead to removal of excessive healthy tissue and failure to completely remove cancerous tissue. Automated haptic pal-pation has the potential to precisely estimate the geometry of embedded tumors during robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery. We formulate the tumor boundary localization problem in(More)
— Agriculture accounts for 85% of the world's freshwater usage. Drip irrigation significantly reduces water usage and has been adopted by many farms, orchards, and vineyards. Rubber or PVC tubing is fitted with thousands of drip emitters whose water pressure and flow are controlled by a small number of valves resulting in suboptimal use of water resources.(More)
Previous research has shown that mental health courts have been successful in reducing the rates of recidivism among mentally ill offenders. However, none of these studies, to date, have examined exactly what aspects of the courts reduce these rates of recidivism and what makes them successful. The current study utilized a sample of 291 mentally ill(More)
Americans for Libraries Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing innovation and investment in the nation's libraries. The Council's program division, Libraries for the Future, develops national programs to strengthen libraries, provides training in community librarianship, and facilitates planning for 21st century libraries. Valuation is(More)
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