Lauren McLeod

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As DNA repair enzymes are essential for preserving genome integrity, understanding their substrate interaction dynamics and the regulation of their catalytic mechanisms is crucial. Using single-molecule imaging, we investigated the association and dissociation kinetics of the bipolar endonuclease NucS from Pyrococcus abyssi (Pab) on 5' and 3'-flap(More)
Although broadly admired for its aesthetic qualities, the art of origami is now being recognized also as a framework for mechanical metamaterial design. Working with the Miura-ori tessellation, we find that each unit cell of this crease pattern is mechanically bistable, and by switching between states, the compressive modulus of the overall structure can be(More)
35S-methionine-labeled proteins specified in Vero cells by flaviviruses were analysed by SDS-phosphate electrophoresis in polyacrylamide slab gels. The clarity of the profile produced by Kunjin virus permitted designation of the nonstructural proteins, and confirmed the identity of NV21/2; the profile included a protein previously designated V2 (core(More)
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