Lauren McGovern

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CONTEXT The efficacy of treatments for pediatric obesity remains unclear. OBJECTIVE We performed a systematic review of randomized trials to estimate the efficacy of nonsurgical interventions for pediatric obesity. DATA SOURCES Librarian-designed search strategies of nine electronic databases from inception until February 2006, review of reference lists(More)
CONTEXT The efficacy of lifestyle interventions to encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors to prevent pediatric obesity remains unclear. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to summarize evidence on the efficacy of interventions aimed at changing lifestyle behaviors (increased physical activity, decreased sedentary activity, increased healthy dietary habits, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Because estrogen therapies are widely prescribed for amenorrhea associated with anorexia nervosa (AN), we conducted a systematic review and meta-analyses to estimate the influence of estrogen preparations (EP) on bone mineral density in women with AN. METHOD Prospective cohort studies and randomized clinical trials (RCTs) comparing the effect of(More)
OBJECTIVE The study investigated whether exposure to other suicidal adolescents led to suicide contagion among patients hospitalized on an acute adolescent psychiatry unit. It also examined whether some adolescents express more suicidality during hospitalization than before admission. METHODS Fifty-seven adolescents with a range of diagnoses admitted to a(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify clinical profiles discriminating depressed adolescents on the basis of comorbid alcohol/substance use disorders and to determine whether or not profiles with high predictive power are gender-specific. METHOD One hundred three adolescent inpatients with major depression (65 girls, 38 boys) participated in a comprehensive diagnostic(More)
The diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children (DISC-2.3) was studied in a sample of 265 adolescent inpatients to determine type and concurrent validity of depressive symptoms and depressive disorder diagnoses for different DISC-2.3 informants (parent, adolescent, both). The Children's Depression Rating Scale--Revised, Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale(More)
112 Background: Oncology patients at community cancer practices generally do not access clinical trials to the same degree as patients at academic medical centers. Collaborations between research and clinical teams across academic hospitals and their affiliated community sites may help to improve this disparity. METHODS To improve clinical trial(More)
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