Lauren Ludwig

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HYPOTHESIS Objective documentation is needed of shoulder internal and external rotator strength using hand-held dynamometry in selected positions commonly used in a clinic. We compared strength measures and unilateral ratios between gender, limbs (dominant, nondominant), and 3 testing positions. We hypothesized that men would be stronger than women, the(More)
In the past, pharmacokinetics of benzodiazepines have been extensively described. However, knowledge about relationships between their plasma levels and pharmacodynamic effects are scanty. Therefore, we investigated under several experimental conditions the disposition and the psychological response of the short acting midazolam (single dose 0,075 mg/kg(More)
In 10 young, healthy male volunteers the stress-protective efficacy of bromazepam (orally 3 mg bid) was investigated double-blind (vs placebo) during steady state. Physical and mental stress was induced by ergometer (125 Watt for 5 minutes) and delayed auditory feedback, respectively. Stress response was measured biochemically (plasma concentrations of(More)
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