Lauren L. Smith

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The programming language C is becoming more and morepopular among users of highpe~ormance vector computer architectures, With this populm " ~ of C, it becomes more critical to have a good optimiz " nglvectotiz " ng C com-pilez This paper describes a study of four such vectorizing C compilers, with emphasis on the automatic vectorization ability of each(More)
PURPOSE Use of the T cell-dependent neoantigen bacteriophage ΦX 174 has been described since the 1960s as a method to assess specific antibody response in patients with primary immunodeficiencies. We reviewed a cohort of patients at Duke University Medical Center who received immunization with bacteriophage and report the clinical utility and safety of the(More)
BACKGROUND Several trials have demonstrated improved outcomes following inpatient rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis patients. Two populations were studied: patients in relapse and patients with no active medical problems recruited from the community. In every day practice, most admissions for MS inpatient rehabilitation aim to improve function following(More)
Objective. To review the management and outcomes of women with surgically staged 1 UPSC. Methods. We report on a case series from 2008-2010 from Hamilton Canada. We summarize the data from a literature search on surgically staged 1 UPSC. Results. There is a group women with Stage 1A UPSC with no residual disease at time of surgery who do not require(More)
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