Lauren K Regula

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Recent work has demonstrated that antibody phage display libraries containing restricted diversity in the complementarity determining regions (CDRs) can be used to target a wide variety of antigens with high affinity and specificity. In the most extreme case, antibodies whose combining sites are comprised of only two residues - tyrosine and serine - have(More)
Analysis of factors contributing to high affinity antibody-protein interactions provides insight into natural antibody evolution, and guides the design of antibodies with new or enhanced function. We previously studied the interaction between antibody D5 and its target, a designed protein based on HIV-1 gp41 known as 5-Helix, as a model system [Da Silva, G.(More)
Ebola virus and Sudan virus are members of the family Filoviridae of nonsegmented negative-strand RNA viruses ("filoviruses") that cause severe hemorrhagic fever with fatality rates as high as 90%. Infection by filoviruses requires membrane fusion between the host and the virus; this process is facilitated by the two subunits of the envelope glycoprotein,(More)
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