Lauren James

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OBJECTIVE Firstly, to validate the Withings BP-800 automated device for use in pregnancy and, secondly, to assess the impact of maternal somatometric and demographic variables on the accuracy of the device. DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING Kings College Hospital, London, UK. POPULATION Forty-seven women of any gestation. METHODS(More)
Perceptions of intentionality critically guide everyday social interactions, though the literature provides diverging portraits of how such judgments are made. One view suggests that people have an "intentionality bias," predisposing them toward labeling behaviors as intentional. A second view focuses on a more complex pattern of reasoning whereby judgments(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the Omron MIT Elite automated device in pregnant women with an arm circumference of or above 32 cm, using the British Hypertension Society validation protocol. METHODS Blood pressure was measured sequentially in 46 women of any gestation requiring the use of a large cuff (arm circumference(More)
OBJECTIVE Brief, well-validated instruments are needed to facilitate screening for early childhood behavioral and emotional problems (BEPs). The objectives of this study were to empirically reduce the length of the Early Childhood Screening Assessment (ECSA) and to assess the validity and reliability of this shorter tool. METHODS Using caregiver ECSA(More)
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