Lauren Holland

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Previous studies have demonstrated that prior synaptic activity can influence the subsequent induction of synaptic plasticity in the brain. Such temporal modulation of synaptic plasticity has been called "metaplasticity." In this report, we describe the facilitatory effects of high-frequency stimulation on the induction of homosynaptic long-term depression(More)
Language, speech, cognitive-associated communication deficits, and dysphagia are common following acquired brain injury (stroke, traumatic brain injury, and others). Treatment of these disorders can be divided into restorative, compensatory, and supportive approaches. Although therapy must be individualized for each person, components of all three(More)
Autoimmune vasculitis is an endothelial inflammatory disease that results from the deposition of immune-complexes (ICs) in blood vessels. The interaction between Fcgamma receptors (FcγRs) expressed on inflammatory cells with ICs is known to cause blood vessel damage. Hence, blocking the interaction of ICs and inflammatory cells is essential to prevent the(More)
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