Lauren Hoffman

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BACKGROUND Caregivers are a vital resource in the care of transplant candidates or recipients. However, few strategies have been tested that attempt to decrease the stress and anxiety they commonly encounter. OBJECTIVE To test the feasibility of using mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques to decrease stress and anxiety in caregivers of lung(More)
A limited number of publications have documented the effects of acute alcohol administration among older adults. Among these, only a few have investigated sex differences within this population. The current project examined the behavioral effects of acute low- and moderate-dose alcohol on 62 older (ages 55-70) male and female, healthy, light to moderate(More)
This study examined trajectories of progression from early substance use to treatment entry as a function of race, among inpatient treatment seekers (N = 945). Following primary race-contingent analyses of use progression, secondary analyses were conducted to investigate the effects of socioeconomic status (SES) on the observed differences. African(More)
BACKGROUND Available evidence indicates women with substance use disorders may experience more rapid progression through usage milestones (telescoping). The few investigations of sex differences in treatment-seeking populations often focus on single substances and typically do not account for significant polysubstance abuse. The current study examined sex(More)
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