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Voting technology today has not addressed the issues that disabled voters are confronted with at the polls. Because approximately 17% of the voting population is disabled, their issues should be handled with a solution geared towards their needs. Disabled voters need to be able to cast their vote without the assistance of others. The Prime III multimodal(More)
A series of 2-methoxyacylhydrazones were optimized to yield compounds with high affinity for PDE10A. Several compounds demonstrated efficacy in animal models of schizophrenia, including conditioned avoidance response and a pro-psychotic phencyclidine hyperactivity model.
OBJECTIVE This study examined how handrail location predictability affects perturbation-evoked arm responses in young and older adults and whether age-related changes in perturbation-evoked arm responses are specific to mechanisms associated with reactive postural control. METHODS Young and older adults reached for a handrail in response to a support(More)
Segmental renal infarction is a rare situation which has been reported so far in the form of case reports. It's caused usually by cardiac conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, and systemic diseases (e.g. systemic lupus erythematous). We are presenting a case of a 31 year old healthy male, who sustained a left segmental renal infarction, following a(More)
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