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AIM This paper is a report of a study to explore the nature of military nursing in an environment of war, in particular the union of personal, professional and organizational tenets and to identify the actual or potential effect this had on the nursing role in this unique environment. BACKGROUND The history of nursing is intrinsically linked with war.(More)
Much of the implicit rationing said to characterise British health care occurs as doctors decide what resources to allocate to individual patients. This paper examines this process using data from case studies of selection of patients for cardiac surgery and admission to a specialist neurological rehabilitation centre. The analysis focuses on cardiac(More)
This paper draws on audio-recordings of a Health Authority's contract monitoring meetings with hospital providers to examine the nature of interactions between managers and clinical professionals in the British National Health Service internal market. It describes how managers and professionals arrive at a working division of labour, which acknowledges(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to evaluate the 'Back to the floor Friday' (BtfF) initiative, whereby senior nurses returned to the floor, in particular its impact on patient experience and patient care. BACKGROUND Propositions were that improvements would result from strengthened visible clinical leadership through monitoring standards, supporting staff,(More)
The health care systems of the United States and the United Kingdom are changing rapidly. After the Thatcher government's 1989 white paper, the formerly unified British National Health Service (NHS) was split into purchaser and provider sides, with the NHS District Health Authorities becoming purchasers, and the NHS hospitals, now reconstructed as(More)
AIM This paper reports a study that explored birth and death care experiences from the perspectives of midwives and palliative care clinical nurse specialists (CNSs). METHODS A grounded theory approach illuminated the social processes associated with caring during birth and death. Data was collected during 2011 through in-depth semi-structured interviews(More)
The introduction, or extension, of freedom of information legislation in Britain and other Western countries seems certain to influence the climate for health services research. However, researchers should be clear that, although such legislation may improve access to certain types of data, it will also create new problems and dilemmas. Statutory freedom of(More)
One unexpected point of convergence between the British and North American health care systems is the increased use of negotiated contracts to govern relationships between purchasers and providers. In Britain, the internal market reforms introduced a special regime of National Health Service (NHS) contracts; in the United States there has been a move from(More)
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