Lauren Frizzell

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There is a paucity of objective information in the literature about first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) hemiarthroplasty. The authors postulate that it is a reasonable treatment option for severe hallux rigidus in selected patients. Twenty-two elective first MTP hemiarthroplasties were performed on 20 patients that met the inclusion criteria. Pre- and(More)
BACKGROUND Missed or chronic Achilles tendon ruptures may have muscle atrophy and tendon retraction resulting in a defect that must be augmented with endogenous or exogenous materials. The Artelon® Tissue Reinforcement (ATR) scaffold is a readily available synthetic degradable poly(urethane urea) material used to augment tendon repair. The objective of this(More)
An immuno-blot assay was used to investigate the serum antibody response in flounder injected with formalin-killed flagellates (immunized) and those injected with saline (control) and challenged with live T. bullocki after 21 days. Fish were held at 20 degrees C and at ambient temperature from October through June. At 20 degrees C immunized fish had(More)
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