Lauren F Loeffler

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To develop a model of heart muscle, we studied cat papillary muscle contracting in a quasi-isometric condition under a fixed inotropic state. The properties of resting muscle were determined by using a step stretch of less than 1.2% of Lmax for initial lengths from 85 to 100% Lmax. The passive force response suggested the model of the passive branch (Fig.(More)
The clinical manifestations of typical hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) encompass a wide spectrum. Despite the potentially severe sequelae from this syndrome, treatment approaches remain supportive. We present the clinical course of a child who contracted Shiga toxin-positive E. coli (STEC) from a daycare center during an outbreak. Utilizing the modified Ham(More)
complexes: Quasi-2 dimensional columnar mesophases, " Physical Review Letters 91, 075501 (2003) O. Farago, " 'Water-free'' computer model for fluid bilayer membranes, " J. The role of chains in the formation of extended framework tin(II) phosphates and related materials, " Chem.
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