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Self-control relies on glucose as a limited energy source: willpower is more than a metaphor.
The present work suggests that self-control relies on glucose as a limited energy source. Laboratory tests of self-control (i.e., the Stroop task, thought suppression, emotion regulation, attentionExpand
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Thwarting the Need to Belong: Understanding the Interpersonal and Inner Effects of Social Exclusion
The need to belong is a powerful motivational basis for interpersonal behavior, and it is thwarted by social exclusion and rejection. Laboratory work has uncovered a destructive set of consequencesExpand
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Believing versus Disbelieving in Free Will: Correlates and Consequences
Some people believe more than others in free will, and researchers have both measured and manipulated those beliefs. Disbelief in free will has been shown to cause dishonest, selfish, aggressive, andExpand
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Do Gender Differences in Perceived Prototypical Computer Scientists and Engineers Contribute to Gender Gaps in Computer Science and Engineering?
Women are vastly underrepresented in the fields of computer science and engineering (CS&E). We examined whether women might view the intellectual characteristics of prototypical individuals in CS&EExpand
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Interpersonal consequences of legal handgun carrying on college campuses
Abstract Objective: This study assessed whether college students felt less safe or were less likely to work with another student when they thought the person they would work with was carrying aExpand
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Uninformed Consent? The Effect of Participant Characteristics and Delivery Format on Informed Consent
Although many people choose to sign consent forms and participate in research, how many thoroughly read a consent form before signing it? Across 3 experiments using 348 undergraduate studentExpand
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Gender Bias in the Perception of Physicians
Women are often penalized when they do not project traditional, socially defined femininity (e.g., gentleness, nurture, sensitivity, lack of competitiveness, lack of drive for achievement) andExpand
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