Lauren E. Thomas

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Gonadotropins stimulate ovarian proteolytic enzyme activity that is believed to be important for the remodeling of the follicular extracellular matrix. Membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) has been identified in vitro as an activator of pro-MMP-2 by forming a complex with tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase-2 (TIMP-2). In the present study,(More)
Interview data were collected from 46 English elderly men (age 70 to 94 years) relating to attitudes, psychological traits, and life satisfaction. Sexual interest was not related to life satisfaction or marital status but was significantly correlated with measures of emotional expressivity, personal identity, as well as regrets about the past. Findings are(More)
PURPOSE To provide a practical approach to managing overweight and obese adult patients based on data from research and recommendations from established guidelines. DATA SOURCES Comprehensive review articles and original research articles identified through Medline and the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). CONCLUSIONS(More)
This study seeks to clarify the effect of widowhood on ego identity and psychological functioning. The sample consisted of eighty-three widows, ranging in age from twenty-two to seventy-four, who had been widowed an average of 4.9 years. A majority were found to be Identity Achievers on the Marcia instrument, and the group scored significantly higher on a(More)
Standardized measures of subjective well-being were compared with qualitative analysis of life satisfaction from 100 elderly men (70 years and older) from New Delhi, India, and London, England. 3 structured measures were used, Life Satisfaction Index (A), Cantril Self-Anchoring Ladder, and a one-item happiness question. Qualitative data were obtained from(More)
The roles chronological age and gender play in subjective time experience were explored in a sample of 294 adult men and women. Subjective time experience (STE: the difference between subjective age and chronological age) was found to vary widely among individuals, with some being "accurate" (SA = CA), and others either "retarded" (SA less than CA) or(More)
In-depth interviews and participant observation was conducted with 14 Hindu religious renunciates, 70 years or older. Despite having taken vows renouncing concern for physical pain or comfort, respondents differed markedly in their attitudes toward pain and their rationale for utilizing medical treatment. They differed still further in their use of(More)
Prior research has indicated that pragmatics is an area of particular weakness for individuals with Williams syndrome (WS). To further address this aspect of the WS social phenotype, we used an individual differences approach to consider both cross-sectional and longitudinal relations among different pragmatic abilities for 14 children with WS, taking into(More)
In-depth interviews and participation observation were conducted with Hindu religious renunciates living in Varanasi and Pondicherry, India. The respondents selected were designated by their acquaintances as being spiritually mature. Analysis of excerpts from three representative interviews indicate that these men rate as highly mature by Western(More)