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BACKGROUND Concussion literature and treatment guidelines are inconclusive regarding the role of sex in symptom reporting at baseline and post-concussion. Although empirical evidence is lacking, it is generally regarded that females have a more severe symptomatic presentation than males at all time-points on the concussion spectrum. OBJECTIVES Our(More)
Despite the aging of our population, there remains a paucity of information about gastroesophageal reflux (GER) in the elderly. To assess the prevalence and characteristics of GER within this patient population, questionnaires evaluating symptoms associated with GER were administered to 313 consecutive patients 62 yr old or older from a primary care(More)
A conceptual means of obtaining improved bonding between filler particles and the polymeric binders of composites is presented. It involves preparing glass particles that separate into two interconnected vitreous phases when heated to an appropriate temperature, and then etching these to produce a porous surface layer. Candidate glass compositions were(More)
Biofouling is a persistent problem for membranes exposed to blood or other complex biological fluids, affecting surface structure and hindering performance. In this study, a peptoid with 2-methoxyethyl (NMEG5) side chains was immobilized on polysulfone hollow fiber membranes to prevent protein fouling. The successful attachment of NMEG5 to the polysulfone(More)