Lauren E. Mount

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1. The heat losses and energy balances of thirty-eight individually housed pigs (initial body-weights 21--38 kg) were measured continuously for periods of 14 d when they were maintained at environmental temperatures of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 degrees. At each temperature four levels of feeding were given approximating to once, twice and three times the(More)
1. Oxygen consumption rates and levels of spontaneous activity were recorded simultaneously for mice, both singly and in groups, over 24 hr periods at temperatures ranging from 8 to 37 degrees C.2. There was marked 24 hr variation in both metabolic rate and activity, with maxima during the night; the amplitude of the variation diminished at the lower(More)
I . Rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production were measured in pigs from birth to 3 days of age in an open-circuit system. 2. The mean respiratory quotient (RQ) during the first 6 h following birth was 0.95 in fasted pigs and 0.91 in pigs which were allowed to feed. 3. The RQ fell during the remainder of the first postnatal day to mean(More)