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Dosidicus gigas (Humboldt or jumbo flying squid) is an economically and ecologically influential species, yet little is known about its natural behaviors because of difficulties in studying this active predator in its oceanic environment. By using an animal-borne video package, National Geographic's Crittercam, we were able to observe natural behaviors in(More)
We studied the locomotion and behavior of Dosidicus gigas using pop-up archival transmitting (PAT) tags to record environmental parameters (depth, temperature and light) and an animal-borne video package (AVP) to log these parameters plus acceleration along three axes and record forward-directed video under natural lighting. A basic cycle of locomotor(More)
A technique is described for the quantitative determination of the distributed growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae immobilized in polyacrylamide gel. Gel specimens were embedded in paraffin or gelatin and paraffin before sectioning and staining. Photomicrographs of specimen sections were enlarged, and cell microcolony volumes were determined as a function of(More)
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