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The electrical behavior of small single frog atrial trabeculae in the double sucrose gap has been investigated. The currents injected during voltage clamp experiments did not behave as predicted from the assumption of spatial uniformity of the voltage across a Hodgkin-Huxley membrane. Much of the difference is due to the geometrical complexities of this(More)
We present an experimental and computational study of the response of twisted-cross metamaterials that provide near dispersionless optical rotation across a broad band of frequencies from 19 GHz to 37 GHz. We compare two distinct geometries: firstly, a bilayer structure comprised of arrays of metallic crosses where the crosses in the second layer are(More)
An equivalent electrical circuit has been constructed for small atrial trabecula of frog in a double sucrose gap voltage clamp apparatus. The basic strategy in constructing the circuit was to derive the distribution of membrane capacitance and extracellular resistance from the preparation's response to small voltage displacements near the resting condition,(More)
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