Lauren E Alexander

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PURPOSE Obstetric injury to the pudendal nerve contributes significantly to fecal incontinence. The inferior rectal nerve, a terminal branch of the motor division of the pudendal nerve, innervates the external anal sphincter. Animal models have been developed to establish the scientific basis of sacral neuromodulation. The aims of this study were to(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to systematically review the literature relating to the neuropsychiatric symptoms at presentation and outcome of childhood brain tumours. METHODS Seven online databases pertaining to the neuropsychiatric presentation and outcomes of childhood CNS tumours were searched and PRISMA guidelines were followed. Temporal(More)
A review of the psychotherapy research literature of the last decade shows that considerable advances of clinical significance have been made toward defining and measuring components of the treatment relationship. The relevance of the therapeutic alliance for predicting outcome in diverse models of treatment is emphasized, and the implications of the(More)
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