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Programs that recognize restaurants for offering healthful options have emerged as a popular strategy to address the obesity epidemic; however, program fidelity and business responses to such programs are rarely assessed. This study sought to examine how retail restaurants in Los Angeles County chose to comply with participation criteria required by the(More)
INTRODUCTION Reducing the portion size of food and beverages served at restaurants has emerged as a strategy for addressing the obesity epidemic; however, barriers and facilitators to achieving this goal are not well characterized. METHODS In fall 2012, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health conducted semistructured interviews with restaurant(More)
This paper reports the results of a study comparing the relative influence of location and shared identity in partially distributed work. Using an experimental task called Shape Factory, groups of eight participants were configured such that in the baseline 'strangers' condition only the location-based faultline was present while in the experimental(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate 18 shared-use agreements (SUAs) implemented in Los Angeles County during 2010-2012. SUAs opened school grounds and/or facilities in seven school districts to increase physical activity opportunities for under-resourced communities with high prevalence of obesity. METHODS We reviewed the extent to which SUAs addressed school district(More)
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