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The internet has brought about an entirely new method of self-presentation in such online social networking Web sites as MySpace in which individuals create profiles that reflect their identity. This cyber social tool provides a new site of analysis to examine the extent of patterns of gendered identity in which females tend to turn to others for validation(More)
Both in Mulan and Princess and the Frog, Disney eschews a traditional fairytale ending involving palatial opulence by substituting an alternative narrative for women of color. Mulan disguises herself as a male soldier in order to serve in her father's place. After sharing victory with male companions, she willingly returns home to domesticity and the(More)
Disney's animated feature Frozen (2013) received acclaim for presenting a powerful heroine, Elsa, who is independent of men. Elsa's avoidance of male suitors, however, could be a result of her protective father's admonition not to " let them in " in order for her to be a " good girl. " In addition, Elsa's power threatens emasculation of any potential suitor(More)
Comparing survey data of college students from Spain and the United States provides insight into how perceptions about fast food are culture and gender-specific. More American college males (61%) considered value (amount of food for the money) to be a priority than did other respondents (35%) and relatively few American college males (29%) cited nutritional(More)
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