Lauren Dundes

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PURPOSE To alert health care providers to commonly encountered cross-cultural impediments to optimal health care delivery for the Roma (also known as Gypsies) and to offer suggestions for avoiding culturally based problems in treating this subculture. ORGANIZING FRAMEWORK Understanding of sociocultural bases of health-related behaviors is necessary for(More)
Dental anxiety and subsequent avoidance of dental care and deterioration of oral health pose a significant problem for the dental profession. In an attempt to elucidate preferences of anxious dental patients, we gathered survey data from 121 persons at a small, private liberal arts college in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Half of the(More)
Handwashing has been recognized as a critical factor in infection control policies. Whereas handwashing compliance among health care workers and school-aged students has been previously documented, practices among college students remain relatively unknown. The objective of this study was to determine handwashing compliance of female college students after(More)
Mailed surveys are a popular means of obtaining data on large populations. In July 1999 a mail survey was conducted among 3000 randomly selected members of the American Society of Hematology to assess their approach to diagnosis and treatment of polycythemia vera. Because the researchers and the study population are members of the same professional(More)
PURPOSE Why undergraduate students pursue or drop a premedical curriculum has received only scant attention. In this study the authors attempted to uncover reasons why students either persevere in their premedical studies or seek alternative careers. METHOD Using convenience sampling, the authors surveyed 97 undergraduates at a small liberal arts college(More)
This study assessed whether traditionally based gender stereotypes are applied to dentists. Awareness of gender-driven preconceptions can help dentists anticipate patient expectations that play a role in the clinician-patient relationship. A sample of 106 college students and fifty-four non-college students completed a one-page survey that assessed whether(More)
The internet has brought about an entirely new method of self-presentation in such online social networking Web sites as MySpace in which individuals create profiles that reflect their identity. This cyber social tool provides a new site of analysis to examine the extent of patterns of gendered identity in which females tend to turn to others for validation(More)
This article provides a clinically pertinent overview of Sierra Leonean immigrants, a growing patient population that most health care workers know little about. The focus is on Sierra Leonean Mende women and the relevance of their cultural perspective to clinical care. A literature review and interview responses from seven Sierra Leoneans are the sources(More)
Since dangerous additives to the drug ecstasy can cause potentially lethal hyperthermia, the organization DanceSafe tests ecstasy for such adulterants. This study of over 700 college students examined whether individuals will use or abstain from ecstasy regardless of DanceSafe's presence at raves or whether DanceSafe erodes a powerful deterrent (i.e., the(More)
Controversy surrounds the use of posted restaurant inspection scores and grades. There is much debate about how well a score or grade conveys risks to potential diners, and questions remain about how the public interprets posted scores and grades, regardless of how they are derived. To determine how such scores and grades are perceived, the authors surveyed(More)