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OBJECTIVE To investigate major depressive disorder (MDD), which complicates the course of type 2 diabetes and is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death. This risk may be due to a greater susceptibility for myocardial infarction (MI) in depressed patients with type 2 diabetes compared with nondepressed patients with type 2(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a known risk factor for mortality after an acute myocardial infarction. Patients with treatment-responsive depression may have a better prognosis than those with treatment-resistant depression. AIMS We sought to determine whether mortality following acute myocardial infarction was associated with treatment-resistant depression. (More)
OBJECTIVE Adequate treatment of depression improves the prognosis of depressed individuals. This study identified sociodemographic, medical, psychiatric, and health care utilization factors associated with receipt of adequate antidepressant pharmacotherapy by Veterans Health Administration (VHA) patients with recurrent depression. METHODS National VHA(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression has been associated with increased risk of heart failure (HF). Because anxiety is highly comorbid with depression, we sought to establish if anxiety, depression, or their co-occurrence is associated with incident HF. METHODS A retrospective cohort (N = 236,079) including Veteran's Administration patients (age, 50-80 years) free of(More)
Modularity as an object oriented principle helps to develop appropriate large-scale and complex software. But modularity has some deficits [14] such as modular decomposition etc. , which is not allowed widely using modularity in software development in current years. In this paper some principles have been provided for increase modularity of software(More)
OBJECTIVE Antidepressant side effects are a significant public health issue, associated with poor adherence, premature treatment discontinuation, and, rarely, significant harm. Older adults assume the largest and most serious burden of medication side effects. We investigated the association between antidepressant side effects and genetic variation in the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compared metabolic screening among patients who received antipsychotic treatment at community mental health centers (CMHCs), with or without case management, and patients treated elsewhere. METHODS Rates of glucose and lipid testing among youths and adults in Missouri Medicaid (N=9,473) who received antipsychotic treatment at CMHCs,(More)
OBJECTIVES Studies have reported an association between serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) and accelerated bone loss. Genetic variation in the serotonin system might modulate bone metabolism changes during SRI treatment. In a clinical trial we examined functional genetic polymorphisms of serotonin transporter and receptors involved in bone metabolism to(More)
OBJECTIVE Children with histories of abuse or neglect are the most expensive child population to insure for their mental health needs. This study aimed to quantify the magnitude of Medicaid expenditures incurred in the purchase of psychotropic drugs for these children. METHODS Children (N=4,445) participating in the National Survey of Child and Adolescent(More)
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