Lauren Celenza

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Seventeen ts mutants of vaccinia virus known to map to the viral HindIII D fragment (R. C. Condit and A. Motyczka, 1981, Virology 113, 224-241; R. C. Condit, A. Motyczka, and G. Spizz, 1983, Virology 128, 429-443; M. J. Ensinger and M. Rovinsky, 1983, J. Virol. 48, 419-428) have been sorted into seven complementation groups. The precise location of each(More)
A replication of a preventive early childhood intervention study for reducing relational and physical aggression and peer victimization was conducted (Ostrov et al., 2009). The present study expanded on the original 6-week program, and the revised Early Childhood Friendship Project (ECFP) 8-week program consisted of developmentally appropriate puppet shows,(More)
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