Lauren Braun

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Increasing the efficacy of targeted cancer therapies requires the identification of robust biomarkers suitable for patient stratification. This study focused on the identification of molecular mechanisms causing resistance against the anti-ERBB2-directed therapeutic antibodies trastuzumab and pertuzumab presently used to treat patients with ERBB2-amplified(More)
When governments make new policies they often have limited methods for engaging the public and gathering opinions. As a result, policy-making is not always inclusive and too often important decisions are made by just a few. SkyWords is a site-specific installation or "civic engagement machine". SkyWords leveraged technology, interaction design and the(More)
There are many challenges to the process of translating the knowledge gained in the laboratory into new clinical approaches that can meet the needs of patients, clinicians and the wider community. We describe here an initiative that has borrowed concepts and principles from participatory research to produce a new process embedded in a cancer center aiming(More)
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