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Fuzzy set theory allows one to map inexact data, concepts, and events to fuzzy sets via user-defined membership functions. This paper describes a method for (1) robustly estimating the mean and slope of an arbitrary number of data points, (2) developing a set of fuzzy membership functions to classify various properties of heart rate trends, and (3) finding(More)
Expert system applications in the biomedical domain have long been hampered by the difficulty inherent in maintaining and extending large knowledge bases. We have developed a knowledge-based method for automatically augmenting such knowledge bases. The method consists of automatically integrating data contained in commercially available, external, on-line(More)
— We report a low cost mobile EEG system for characterizing cortical auditory responses. The system is built using commercial off-the-shelf components and each unit costs less than $200. It measures seven EEG channels plus one audio channel (envelope only), and communicates the data to external devices via Bluetooth. A novel implementation was pursued in(More)
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