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Advanced Placement Environmental Science and the Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science (CCERS) Project in the New York City High School
This paper explores the issue of social justice through the lens of equitable access to Advanced Placement courses in the City of New York High Schools, with focus on Advanced Placement EnvironmentalExpand
Billion Oyster Project: Linking Public School Teaching and Learning to Ecological Restoration of New York Harbor Using Innovative Applications of Environmental and Digital Technologies
This project will develop and test a model of curriculum and community enterprise to address that issue within the nation's largest urban school system. Expand
New York Harbor: Resilience in the face of four centuries of development
Abstract New York Harbor is a large, iconic and complex body of water that has been extensively modified to support the development of a megacity. These modifications have affected the shorelines,Expand
Environmental habitat restoration and inquiry-based learning with New York City public schools—an urban model in STEM education
The tension between academic rigor and real-world relevance is a long-standing struggle in the world of education. Never has that tension been greater than the present day, when metrics about studentExpand
The Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science S.T.E.M. + C Professional Learning Model: Expansion and Enhancement
Professional Development in the field of education has undergone several shifts in focus. Currently, teacher content knowledge and the ability to disseminate this knowledge is the focus inExpand
Researcher, PI and CEO - Managing a Large Scale Environmental Restoration Project in New York City; Creating Expectations, Establishing Structure, Protocols and Realistic Outcomes
Research consistently shows that children who have opportunities to actively investigate natural settings and engage in problem-based learning greatly benefit from the experiences? This projectExpand
The Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science Partnership Model
This paper identifies the complex interactions of a multi-member partnership and outlines the synergetic opportunities and challenges within the model. At the core of the partnership model is theExpand
Microteaching: An Introspective Case Study with Middle School Teachers in New York City Public Schools
The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential impacts of microteaching on experienced teachers participating in the Community Enterprise for Restoration Science (CCERS) TeachingExpand
Using urban harbors for experiential, environmental literacy: Case studies of New York and Chesapeake Bay
Abstract Field-based, hands-on experiential learning is a mainstay of meaningful environmental science education throughout a student’s school career. Engaging K-12 students in field-based,Expand