Lauren B Levy

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The Znt7 gene encodes a ubiquitously expressed zinc transporter that is involved in transporting cytoplasmic zinc into the Golgi apparatus and a ZnT7-containing vesicular compartment. Overexpression of ZnT7 in the pancreatic β-cell stimulates insulin synthesis and secretion through regulation of insulin gene transcription. In this study, we demonstrate that(More)
Low-income women have very high rates of depression and also face a number of unique barriers that can prevent them from seeking, accepting, engaging in, or benefiting from psychotherapy treatment. Untreated depression often leads to deleterious psychological consequences for these women and their children, and may also diminish a woman's ability to improve(More)
As opioid prescribing has dramatically expanded over the past decade, so too has the problem of prescription drug abuse. In response to these now two major public health problems - the problem of poorly treated chronic pain and the problem of opioid abuse - a new paradigm has arisen in pain management, namely risk stratification. Once a prescriber has(More)
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