Lauren A Chambers

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PURPOSE This study tested the effectiveness of a fruit, berry, and vegetable concentrate (FVC), Juice Plus+® (NSA LLC, Collierville, TN), supplement on muscle function and oxidative stress in response to an acute bout of eccentric exercise (EE). METHODS Forty-one healthy volunteers (age = 18-35 yr) were randomly assigned to either a placebo (P) or an FVC(More)
Cytologic reports were compared to final diagnoses for 1,157 gastroesophageal samples from an eight-year period in order to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of endoscopic cytology and to determine the significance of a "suspicious" cytologic report. In the subgroup of patients with adenocarcinoma evaluated by paired endoscopic biopsy and cytology, the(More)
OBJECTIVE Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) has dramatically improved the survival of neonates with life-threatening respiratory and cardiac failure. However, ECMO requires numerous transfusions with significant risks. This study evaluated the effects of changing transfusion practices and blood component management on blood donor exposures in(More)
To evaluate the risk of significant plateletpheresis-induced thrombocytopenia in normal volunteer donors undergoing plateletpheresis less frequently than every 56 days and to help understand factors influencing platelet yield in these donors, pre- and postapheresis platelet counts (X 10(3)/microliter) and platelet yields were analyzed from 916(More)
PURPOSE A case of childhood acute hemolytic anemia following parvovirus infection provided an hypothesis for the high frequency of Donath-Landsteiner antibodies and inappropriately low reticulocyte counts in this disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS A 3-year-old boy with hematuria and jaundice was found to have autoimmune hemolytic anemia due to a biphasic IgG(More)
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