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Preface This textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students provides a systematic introduction into the fields of Neuron Modeling, Neuronal Dynamics, Neural Coding and Neural Networks. It can be used as a text for introductory courses to Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience or as main text for a more focused course on Neural(More)
The frontal cortex controls behavioral adaptation in environments governed by complex rules. Many studies have established the relevance of firing rate modulation after informative events signaling whether and how to update the behavioral policy. However, whether the spatiotemporal features of these neuronal activities contribute to encoding imminent(More)
While monkeys perform a task alternating between beha-vioral adaptation –relying on feedback monitoring and memory of previous choices– and repetition of previous actions, firing rates in dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex (dACC) modulate with cognitive control levels [1]. Further, it has been hypothesized that dorsolateral Pre-frontal Cortex (dlPFC) could(More)
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