Laurel Sheppard

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We present a method for the testing of significance when evaluating the coherence of two oscillatory time series that may have variable amplitude and frequency. It is based on evaluating the self-correlations of the time series. We demonstrate our approach by the application of wavelet-based coherence measures to artificial and physiological examples.(More)
tructural fires cost the US economy more than $100 billion annually in property damage, fire department maintenance, and insurance premiums. A price can't be put on the human toll: each year on average, 4,000 civilians die and 23,000 get injured in fires. Approximately 80 percent of fire deaths occur in homes. Trying to put out these fires costs 80 to 100(More)
A method is introduced for the spectral analysis of complex noisy signals containing several frequency components. It enables components that are independent to be distinguished from the harmonics of nonsinusoidal oscillatory processes of lower frequency. The method is based on mutual information and surrogate testing combined with the wavelet transform,(More)
We introduce a way of characterizing an ensemble of interacting oscillators in terms of their mean-field variability index κ, a dimensionless parameter defined as the variance of the oscillators' mean field r divided by the mean square of r. Based on the assumption that the overall mean field is the sum of a very large number of oscillators, each giving a(More)
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