Laure Sansonnet

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Sparse linear inverse problems appear in a variety of settings, but often the noise contaminating observations cannot accurately be described as bounded by or arising from a Gaussian distribution. Poisson observations in particular are a characteristic feature of several real-world applications. Previous work on sparse Poisson inverse problems encountered(More)
Abstract: This paper proposes a model of interactions between two point processes, ruled by a reproduction function h, which is considered as the intensity of a Poisson process. In particular, we focus on the context of neurosciences to detect possible interactions in the cerebral activity associated with two neurons. To provide a mathematical answer to(More)
The distances between DNA Transcription Regulatory Elements (TRE) provide important clues to their dependencies and function within the gene regulation process. However, the locations of those TREs as well as their cross distances between occurrences are stochastic, in part due to the inherent limitations of Next Generation Sequencing methods used to(More)
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