Laure Menecier-Ossia

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The prevalence of bipolar disorders is about 4% of the population. Among the patients the emergence of cognitive disorders has been identified. These disorders can sometimes result in authentic dementia-like syndromes. The neuropsychological characteristics of the cognitive impairment include disorders of the steady attention, executive functions, memory(More)
Acute ethylic intoxication (AEI) or alcoholic drunkenness is not only a youth-specific disorder. It also occurs at advanced ages of life. Diagnosis is not easy, at times made in excess, but more often underestimated, then leading to the negligence of a risk situation and suffering. AEI represents about 3% of all hospitalizations. In 2005, 973 alcohol tests(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute alcoholic intoxications (AAI) are frequent in hospitals. This entails some difficulties to caregivers and their clinical approach is little developed in France. This study aimed at estimating perception of alcohol consumption of hospitalized people with positive alcohol blood test at admission. Alcohol measurements were nonsystematic and(More)
Psychotropic medicines represent, after alcohol, the second class of substances most susceptible to abuse by elderly people. It can be particularly difficult for caregivers to understand such behaviour as these are prescription-only medicines. This misuse is partly a result of older people tending to trivialise and overrate pharmaceutical drugs, ignoring(More)