Laure Guitton-Sert

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Although DNA polymerase θ (Pol θ) is known to carry out translesion synthesis and has been implicated in DNA repair, its physiological function under normal growth conditions remains unclear. Here we present evidence that Pol θ plays a role in determining the timing of replication in human cells. We find that Pol θ binds to chromatin during early G1,(More)
DNA polymerase theta (Polθ) is a specialized A-family DNA polymerase that functions in processes such as translesion synthesis (TLS), DNA double-strand break repair and DNA replication timing. Overexpression of POLQ, the gene encoding Polθ, is a prognostic marker for an adverse outcome in a wide range of human cancers. While increased Polθ dosage was(More)
Fanconi anemia (FA) is a recessive genetic disorder characterized by congenital abnormalities, progressive bone-marrow failure, and cancer susceptibility. The FA pathway consists of at least 21 FANC genes (FANCA-FANCV), and the encoded protein products interact in a common cellular pathway to gain resistance against DNA interstrand crosslinks. After DNA(More)
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