Laure Freydefont

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This experiment investigated the moderating effect of masked anger versus sadness primes on objective task difficulty's impact on effort-related cardiovascular response. Cardiovascular measures (ICG and blood pressure) were assessed during a habituation period and an easy versus difficult short-term memory task during which participants were exposed to(More)
This experiment investigated the combined effect of implicit affect and monetary success incentive on effort-related cardiac response in a 2 (Affect Prime: anger vs. sadness)×2 (Incentive: low vs. high) between-person design. Sixty-two participants were exposed to affect primes during an objectively difficult short-term memory task. As predicted, by our(More)
Although much is known about the development of object exploration during infancy, it remains to be understood whether and how olfaction can influence infants' interactions with novel objects. To address these issues, sixteen infants aged 7-15 months were videotaped during two consecutive 5-min free play sessions with a scented or an unscented version of(More)
Two experiments investigate the influence of goal and implementation intentions on effort mobilization during task performance. Although numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of setting goals and making plans on performance, the effects of goals and plans on effort-related cardiac activity and especially the cardiac preejection period(More)
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