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AIM Genioplasty has been validated for the correction of mandibular vertical excess and is generally performed at the end of the growth period, either alone or in association with other forms of osteotomy. Our aim was to assess whether genioplasty performed at an earlier age can impact mandibular growth. METHODS This comparative prospective study included(More)
AIM The purpose of this prospective study was to determine whether combined functional genioplasty and orthodontic treatment in patients with vertical mandibular growth can be beneficial not only in achieving an esthetic outcome and orthodontic stability but also for the multi-disciplinary management of oral ventilation. METHODS Twenty-five non-obese(More)
AIM Mouth breathing is a functional disorder that affects craniofacial and dento-alveolar growth and also upper airway (UA) anatomy. This is apparent mainly in dimensional abnormalities of the UA caused by hypertrophy of Waldeyer's ring and excessive vertical development of the lower part, giving rise to labial incompetence that perpetuates the functional(More)
Classical orthodontic approaches to bicuspid extractions in closed bite cases do not always reach the esthetic goal. To avoid worsening the profile concavity and undesired alterations in the nasolabial angle, incisor retraction must be discussed individually. We report third molar extraction cases with optimized changes in facial profiles.
Adult patients who consult an orthodontist are looking for dental rehabilitation underpinned by an implicit esthetic demand, which needs to be analyzed. When the discrepancy involves more than the teeth and cannot be corrected by dentoalveolar compensation alone, there is a need, on account of the lack of growth, the periodontal setting and underlying(More)
UNLABELLED The recent introduction of the new systems of intraosseous anchorages called mini-screw, allowing an immediate loading, has revolutioned the clinical and biomechanical approach of anchorage in orthodontics. Trans-gingival insertion by a manual screwdriver is done easily and most frequently without before-hole. The goal of this experimental study(More)
Since the 19th century, and in every field of medicine, monozygotic twins have been studied to assess the involvement of genetic and environmental factors in phenotypic expression. The phenotype/genotype relationship remains the leading problem in contemporary biology. In dentofacial orthopedics, this relationship is of relevance in the three-dimensional(More)
Dysfunctional deviations such as dysfunctional swallowing and chewing manifest as transverse arch discrepancies giving rise to positional asymmetry of the condyles and glenoid fossae with a more or less significant skeletal impact. This results almost inevitably in asymmetric occlusion in the sagittal dimension. Drawing on clinical cases, we will show which(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the link between the degree of resorption of teeth adjacent to an impacted maxillary canine and the situation of the latter so as to identify factors predictive of resorption. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a retrospective study concerning all patients with impacted maxillary canines who consulted the(More)
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