Laure Belnoue

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It was long thought that no new neurons are added to the adult brain. Similarly, neurotransmitter signaling was primarily associated with communication between differentiated neurons. Both of these ideas have been challenged, and a crosstalk between neurogenesis and neurotransmitter signaling is beginning to emerge. In this Review, we discuss(More)
The overall bauplan of the tetrapod brain is highly conserved, yet significant variations exist among species in terms of brain size, structural composition and cellular diversity. Understanding processes underlying neural and behavioral development in a wide range of species is important both from an evolutionary developmental perspective as well as for(More)
Degeneration of dopamine neurons in the midbrain causes symptoms of the movement disorder, Parkinson disease. Dopamine neurons are generated from proliferating progenitor cells localized in the embryonic ventral midbrain. However, it remains unclear for how long cells with dopamine progenitor character are retained and if there is any potential for(More)
Organisms need to adapt to the ecological constraints in their habitat. How specific processes reflect such adaptations are difficult to model experimentally. We tested whether environmental shifts in oxygen tension lead to events in the adult newt brain that share features with processes occurring during neuronal regeneration under normoxia. By(More)
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